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Wedding Dresses Down to $69, Shop Now>>
The Best Boho Wedding Dresses for 2020 Coming!

The Best Boho Wedding Dresses for 2020 Coming!

Boho wedding dresses are a trend we’ve seen flourishing in recent years. Luckily for brides-to-be with a passion for the unconventional, bohemian wedding dresses are here to stay at Bridelily.

Boho is short for bohemain. As a style it is most associated with the 1960s and ’70s, when hippie fashion flourished. Boho style borrows from many fashion subcultures and nearly any outfit can be considered boho when done right.

If you’ve dreamed of a dress that’s eternally romantic and stylish, a bohemian style gown could be the perfect choice for your big day. We’ve searched our favorite online shops for a few stunning gowns. Below are some inspirational dresses that show you the breathtaking and versatile nature of these dresses.

Take a peek and prepare to fall in love all over again!

What is a Boho Style Wedding Dress?

As with most dresses, Bohemian Wedding dresses come in an array of shapes and styles. From flowing lace separates to floaty long-sleeved gowns and extended trains, the options are endless.

What makes a dress bohemian is the carefree vibe and sense of effortless elegance. Whether due to a more relaxed fit than a more traditional wedding gown, or a lace trimmed off-the-shoulder neckline. Boho dresses offer freedom and comfort with zero compromise on style.

What Style Of Wedding is best for Boho?

If you plan to fully embrace the Bohemian aesthetic for your wedding, there’s nothing like a natural outdoor setting to celebrate that choice. In a beautiful forest or similar woodland location, your bohemian look is right at home.

Opting for a dress with delicate floral embroidery and asymmetric finishes. This will subtly imitate your surroundings and give a cohesive finish to the entire day. Additionally, bohemian wedding dresses are ideal for a garden ceremony, beach wedding, or even a converted barn venue.

For those with a bohemian soul and unending wanderlust, this style of dress is ideal. Good examples include a destination wedding in the mountains, or lakeside nuptials. A favorite among boho brides is an outdoor wedding with a focus on florals, a quintessential flower crown, or jewelry headpiece to complete the look!

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